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On the Other Side of the Rainbow

A Sojourn Towards The Light



The Story

In this book I speak with my parents who are not here physically, I talk with Jesus, I witness Mother Mary praying for me I have assistance from Archangel Michael, Ganesh, Buddha, King David, a fairy princess and a 'ghost' who is a guard from Fort George from the 1812 war period.


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Spiritual book


905 807-1592


God's Protection!

 I believe this is a protection placed before my place that serves also to protect both my works and loved ones...The book cover is an Angel that appeared to me, she's feeding a goose (Christian souls) with dolphins under her feet. On the back is a cross pointed out by my Mother who's spirit appeared in my kitchen on my return from the cemetary on Thanksgiving. ..Please look for my soon to be released photo books which includes a picture of Jesus, called JESUS IS HERE, and the second called THE FACE OF ST. MICHAEL, with Michael's face and possibly Gods!


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